Danny Nicklen

KCC candidate for Swanscombe & Greenhithe


I'm Danny, I live in the Ebbsfleet garden city, where I have the pleasure of being the local councillor for the ward since 2019. 


As someone that lives locally, I know the issues and want to tackle them.

What affects you affects me! 

My priorities for the Swanscombe & Greenhithe division:

  1. Delivering for the community! Ensuring the grass is cut, the streets are clean and the potholes are filled! 

  2. Tackling fly-tipping and prosecuting those that do. Why should we put up with it?

  3. Spending all of my annual £20,000 members grant & making sure it’s distributed fairly. £1000’s have gone unspent which, could benefit local people.

  4. Championing the voice of residents when dealing with local management agents.

  5. A representative that is present in the community, I'm responsive and do the casework.


Check out my campaign launch video!

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