Prospective candidates in Brent selected

On Wednesday, members in Brent selected two local residents, Rosanna Currans and Cllr Avtar Sandhu to contest the ward in May 2015. The sitting councillor, Drew Swinerd, was re-adopted.

Rosanna Currans, who led a successful campaign to secure compensation for Dartford from EDF after power failures in 2009, has commented that "I have lived in Brent for well over 30 years and I was absolutely delighted to be selected as a prospective candidate for next year's local elections. If elected I will represent the interests of my fellow residents to the best of my ability."

Cllr Sandhu, a resident of York Road, was recently elected to serve as The Mayor of Dartford for the 2014-2015 year.

Cllr Swinerd comments that "I am delighted to have been re-adopted. Serving the residents of Brent has been a great honour and I shall endeavour to continue working on their behalf to the best of my ability beyond 2015 should they wish to elect me again."

Cllr Nancy Wightman, who has a long association with Brent, has opted not to seek re-election. Cllr Peter Cannon, who has represented Brent since 2011, has been adopted as a prospective candidate in Joydens Wood, where he is a resident.

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