September campaigning

Last Saturday marked the end of the first month of full campaigning ahead of the 2015 Dartford Borough Council and general elections.

September has seen us out every Saturday morning and a couple of weekday evenings per week in Heath, Brent, Stone, West Hill, Sutton-at-Hone, Greenhithe, Newtown and Town, calling on residents to find out what issues they have with where they live and about Dartford as a whole.

The reception we get is always a good one and residents are genuinely pleased to have people call upon them to find out what they think, particularly if they are one of the local councillors for the area.

On Saturday we were in Town ward, where councillors Matthew Davis and Chris Shippam were on hand to talk to Anne of Cleves Road residents about parking issues and wheelie bins left on the pavement. We were also in Priory Road South to talk to the residents there about a possible parking scheme. The really local issues are often the ones that strike a chord with residents and it is a great advantage that, as councillors, Matt and Chris are committed, first and foremost, to their area.

If you want to help our efforts between now and next May, contact us at or 01322 220704.

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