Byelections called in Brent and Littlebrook

20141018 canvass.jpg
So, someone has called two by-elections for the vacancies that have arisen in Brent and Littlebrook, following the passing of councillors Nancy Wightman and John Muckle respectively.

We have made it quite plain that we think that these by-elections are a total waste of money. Is there really any point whatsoever in electing two councillors to serve the public for six months before they have to go up again for election again in May 2015? We think that there is none. Brent and Littlebrook could have been properly served by their sitting councillors until the elections next year. We don't know who called the by-elections, but reports suggest that it might be UKIP, who are no doubt certain that the people of Brent and Littlebrook love elections as much as they do.

We'll see whether people share their love for politics for it's own sake, but over the weekend, we have concentrated on putting forward good local candidates for these by-elections. On Saturday, we were out supporting Brent Lane's Rosanna Currans, who is standing for election to represent Brent. Rosanna has lived in Brent for 36 years and knows a thing or two about the place she has lived in for so long. She campaigned arduously for Dartford to receive the compensation it deserved from EDF after the 2009 power failures. She served on the committee which subsequently distributed the 'Switched On Fund' to various community and charitable causes throughout the Borough. Rosanna is committed to serving the interests of the people of Brent first and foremost instead of making pointless political points for the sake of it. It doesn't seem to us to be a massive revelation that a ward is best served by someone who has lived there for many years, but no doubt other candidates will disagree.

We are also delighted that we have a local resident, Calvin McLean, standing in Littlebrook. Calvin works for Lambeth London Borough Council and is determined that Littlebrook be given some representation by a local resident.

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