Calvin McLean making the case for a better Temple Hill

20141102 canvass.jpg
We were out on Temple Hill on Saturday morning supporting our excellent local candidate, Calvin McLean of Littlebrook Manor Way.

As a Temple Hill resident, Calvin wants to see changes to the area and thinks that they are only possible with a change of representation.

He has been busy since the start of the by-election talking to residents on Temple Hill on their doorsteps, at events and at the shops and making the case for change.

Calvin thinks that Temple Hill has been taken for granted for too long and that Littlebrook ward in particular is in need of being represented by someone who lives in the ward and experiences at first-hand its day-to-day problems.

Calvin recalls when Temple Hill was represented on Kent County Council by the popular Avtar Sandhu. Av supported community events, a great Golden Jubilee celebration and a tremendous family fun day. He worked with police, lobbied for more resources and got known in the area. When Labour won the seat again in 2013, all that stopped. Represented by someone who lives miles away, Temple Hill has seen no community celebrations and no funds for a Christmas party either. Calvin thinks that, like Av, will be able to make a great community councillor who can get things to happen for Temple Hill.

Enthusiastic, hard-working and with ideas about how to make Temple Hill a closer, better and happier community, Calvin hopes that a common sense approach to things in Temple Hill can work better for the area than sticking to the allegiances of party.

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