Rosanna Currans elected in Brent byelection; Calvin McLean valiantly defeated in Littlebrook

Last Thursday saw two byelections held in Dartford, in Brent and in Littlebrook wards. A wholly unnecessary waste of public money because of local elections being held next May, we nonetheless threw ourselves into campaigning for victory in both, selecting two local candidates: Brent Lane's Rosanna Currans in Brent and Littlebrook Manor Way's Calvin McLean in Littlebrook.

The election results were as follows:

Brent Rosanna Currans (Conservative) 579 Mark Maddison (Labour) 402 Shan-e-din Choycha (UKIP) 316 Littlebrook Daisy Page (Labour) 358 Sonia Keane (UKIP) 220 Calvin McLean (Conservative) 172

Rosanna achieved a well-deserved victory after a very hard worked campaign. A well-known resident in the ward for almost 30 years who has already been active in the local community, we think that Rosanna is the ideal person to be representing the people of Brent. She has the right priorities to be a local councillor: dedication to the area instead of wanting to make points about national politics. She's really looking forward to seeing what she can do for her area and we're confident that she will make a very popular and successful councillor.

Comiserations go to the excellent Calvin McLean, who worked tirelessly during the election campaign. He successfully increased the Conservative share of the vote there after waging a campaign aimed at providing Littlebrook ward with a representative who lives in the ward and fostering a stronger sense of community in Temple Hill. Calvin threw himself enthusiastically into the campaign and has loved meeting numerous Temple Hill residents. It is a great shame that he did not win as we think that he would make a dedicated and hard-working councillor for the area: organising events and other community activities to bring people on Temple Hill together. We think that there is a great deal more that can be achieved in Temple Hill and we hope that it will get the committed representation it deserves. Calvin would be ideal, but congratulations and best wishes to Daisy Page who was elected last Thursday. We hope she'll be standing there again in May.

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