Julian Lewis MP talks about left-wing entryism

We were honoured to have the presence of Dr Julian Lewis, Member of Parliament for New Forest East and the Chairman of the Defence Select Committee on Thursday for a fundraising event at the excellent Malt Shovel in Darenth Road on Thursday.

In an amusing and very well received talk, Julian spoke to us about the entryism of the left-wing Militant Tendency into the Newham Labour Party in the mid-1970s in its campaign to de-select the sitting, moderate MP and Cabinet Minister Reg Prentice. Lewis told us how, as Conservative activists, he and a colleague infiltrated the Newham Labour Party in an attempt to prevent its takeover by the radical left.

Julian drew obvious parallels to the modern day Labour Party and the dangers that would be presented by a far-left takeover of the Labour Party. With the prospect of the very left-wing Jeremy Corbyn being elected to the leadership on the back of far-left infiltrators, whoever thought that his talk would be so topical?


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