Autumn campaigning

In the last few months we have been active across the Borough canvassing, delivering and meeting residents. It has been a good opportunity to thank all of those Dartfordians who backed us both locally and nationally in the May elections and to identify those who support us to let them know about the Dartford Conservative Association, what it is and what it does. We have also been able to highlight some of the good work of Dartford Council, such as letting residents in Princes know about the progress in the refurbishment of Fairfield (due to be open in early 2016).

Last Saturday we were out in Bexley Park with the our new Police & Crime Commissioner candidate, Matthew Scott. Matthew, from nearby Swanley, had been selected by members of the Party from across Kent the previous week and we are glad that he started his campaign to replace the discredited Ann Barnes as Police & Crime Commissioner in Dartford. Matthew was able to speak to residents about crime concerns and we look forward to welcoming him back during the campaign for the election, which will be in May next year. Matthew's website is here:

Next year we shall be continuing our activities across Dartford in the hope of meeting more residents and identifying more of our supporters.

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