Jacob Rees-Mogg delights Dartford

We were honoured to have Jacob Rees-Mogg MP as our guest on Friday 24th November at the home of Dartford FC, Princes Park. Jacob has become one of the most prominent Conservative Members of Parliament in 2017, having inspired an unlikely online following (leading to the term ‘Moggmentum’ being coined).

The theme of Jacob’s speech was how the Conservative Party could appeal to the public by adhering to the principles of individualism and appealing to people as individuals rather than as groups. He said that the Party could ‘appeal to the young by appealing to everyone’ before adding ‘I was once young… I didn’t much approve of it!’ He also said that people should be able to lead the lives that they want to lead, ‘not the lives we think they should lead.’

On Labour, he said that Jeremy Corbyn was seen as an honest person and that people forgive him for this; and that the young regard him as a ‘risk free’ option. He spoke positively about Brexit and how the UK would be able to make better decisions for itself than the EU would be able to on its behalf. He hoped that Brexit would mean cheaper food, clothing and footwear as these affect the poorest in our country. Jacob ruled out the prospect of an early general election, saying that ‘we’re all Brenda from Bristol now’ and that there was no desire in Parliament, in the Party or among the public for another poll. Jacob had generous words to say about Gareth’s record as a Member of Parliament and even praised the record of the Council, telling us that Jeremy Kite should be cloned and sent to other Conservative Councils!!

We were very glad that local artist James Taylor donated an art-deco themed print of Dartford Cinema as a gift for Jacob. A raffle was held as well as an auction for a copy of the EU Withdrawal Bill signed by Boris Johnson, David Davis, Liam Fox, Steve Baker, our guest and our very own MP. These raised a lot of money. Thank you very much to everyone who attended and helped make it such a successful and enjoyable evening. We hope that everyone had an entertaining evening.


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