We think that the old way of doing politics is on its way out and that people increasingly want a local focus from political parties.  We are proud to be an Association of Dartfordians whose first concern is the wellbeing and success of Dartford.  When it comes to Dartford, we put common sense before politics for its own sake.  Nonetheless, as Conservatives, we share a few basic principles which we think make for a prosperous society - freedom, enterprise, patriotism and responsibility.


We are active in politics locally because we think that Dartford is a great place to live and we want to make it even better.  We are dedicated, first and foremost, to what is best for our town.  Although our councillors and activists have joined a political party, they are devoted to Dartford above all else.  We believe in common sense, fostering community spirit and we hate political correctness.


Our local councillors work hard on behalf of the public they represent.  They have not got involved in local politics to advance ideological objectives - it is more important to tend to needs of residents than spout off about politics.  They have got involved because they love Dartford and want to do their utmost to serve their local communities.  We are proud to have an MP whose chief aim is to serve the residents of Dartford.


Too much government is a bad thing.  We think that people should be free to get on with their own lives without unnecessary and unwanted interference by government, central or local.  We believe in easing the burden of taxation on the public - we always remember that money raised in tax belongs to the public, not the government.


We believe in letting people prosper and that the creation of wealth benefits everyone in Dartford.  We think that innovation and success stems from the efforts of enterprising individuals.  We also believe in supporting the small businesses of the town and consider that their success drives economic growth.  Businesses need lower rates and taxes and less regulation by Government.


We love our country.  Unlike some other parties, we do not think that this is a bad thing.  We think that Britain has achieved great things and can continue to do so.  We believe in upholding the monarchy and maintaining the United Kingdom.


We think that people should take responsibility for their own lives and for the wellbeing of those around them, whether it be their families, friends or neighbours.  A stable country and a stable town is built upon a society which is law-abiding and has a sense of belonging.  We believe in helping those who can't, rather than those who won't.